About JVLI™ Cashmere

A 100% Cashmere/Wool Brand.

With the development of the world’s economy, many customers hope to dress more comfortable. Although there are so many cashmere/wool brands in the world, it is still very difficult to distinguish pure cashmere/wool clothing. 

JVLI™ is a legally registered brand name for 100% pure cashmere/wool clothing. We aim to offer only 100% pure top quality cashmere/wool products. So that customers don’t have to worry about anything when buying cashmere/wool products. We use the brand JVLI™ to distinguish real pure cashmere from other so-called fake products.

All of our products are tested and certified. JVLI™ means 100% pure cashmere/wool!

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

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Pure Cashmere Products
JVLI™ cashmere sweater is seamless. They just put the yarn there and the machine will do the knitting job. Of course, this machine requires the yarns to be of the best quality. That's why their cashmere sweater is completely different from other so-called ones.

Certified Cashmere

JVLI™ only offer 100% pure cashmere/wool products!

Only the best quality products are offered!